MSG and Sulfite Sensitivity

Many sufferers of MSG reactions complain also of having been diagnosed with sulfite sensitivity.  We had no idea why that link was - until now.  It may be related to the fact that excess glutamate may interfere with the metabolism of the sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and consequently, taurine.  

It appears that this story also involves a link to autism. It appears that in some children with autism, there is a genetic error of metabolism linked with the handling of sulfur-containing compounds.  This may be what puts them at risk of both A-Fib as well as epilepsy and problems with fat digestion.  Their inability to perhaps make taurine from available cysteine  - both of which are sulfur-containing amino acids. 

This was a thing that long stumped MSG sensitive folks.  Many realized they had a sulfite sensitivity in common.  Perhaps autistic children and MSG sensitive folks who are also sulfite sensitive have this error of metabolism in common. Perhaps that is why taurine appears to help MSG sensitive people who also are sulfite sensitive. It certainly is now an interesting hypothesis to start from. 

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