MSG and Rage/Panic Disorder

The hypothalamus of the brain uses glutamate as a neurotransmitter -it has many receptors for glutamate.  The hypothalamus is not protected from MSG by the blood brain barrier, since it must monitor levels of substances in the blood, and react accordingly.

Scientists often joke that the hypothalamus is responsible for the 4 f's: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and mating. So it is the part of the brain responsible for the "Fight or Flight" reflex.  The main purpose for food scientists using it in their products is to stimulate your hunger.  Unfortunately, the hypothalamus also regulates panic and rage as well as directing the entire endocrine system by directing the pituitary or "master gland". 

More info on the hypothalamus, and rage:

Based on the fact that MSG has been proven to overstimulate cells in the hypothalamus until they actually died, and that the hypothalamus regulates rage and fear as well as hunger and body temperature, it might be in our best interest to look more closely at what violent teenagers have been eating these days.


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