MSG and Heat Stroke

Rise in Athlete Heat Stroke Deaths

Experts state that athlete heat stroke deaths are rising:  A study from the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research indicates that just five players died from heat between 1931-1959. From 1960-2000, the number jumped to 103, including 18 in the past six years.

Sports Supplements

In recent years, many body-building products featuring amino acid supplements have hit the market, targeted at athletes.  Many of these products have free amino acids in them such as free glutamate. 

Hypothalamus Link

After the deaths of well-known football players at the national and college level just this year, newspaper readers were inundated with stories about what the hypothalamus is and why it is important to athletes.  (The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates the body's temperature.) 

Decades ago, Dr. Olney discovered that MSG caused destruction of cells in the hypothalamus of baby mice.  This finding was what caused baby food manufacturers to remove MSG from baby food.

Could MSG in athlete body-building products damage the brain's hypothalamus to a point that would put an athlete more at risk of heat stroke?  We'll keep you posted.

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