MSG and Myopia

Blurred Vision  One common complaint of MSG Symptom Complex is blurred vision. Laboratory animals fed MSG have been found to develop damage to the retina of the eye, where there are glutamate receptors. See the following link:

Taurine link  It is also well known that the amino acid taurine is required in the normal healthy development of the retina in both humans and cats. That is why both baby formula and cat food in the United States both require taurine to be added.   Note: Taurine deficiency can be induced by MSG ingestion. 

A link between MSG use and poor eyesight?

In Asian countries, which are well known for copious use of MSG, not only is stroke incidence high, but poor eyesight is dramatically increasing.   See the following links:

Rates of Myopia and stroke:

In China:

50% of teenagers in China today are nearsighted compared to 15% in the 1970’s:

Higher rates of myopia in Asians:

NOTE: Processed MSG has been used as a flavor enhancer only since 1908, when Kikunae Ikeda of Japan discovered its flavor enhancing properties.  Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese have NOT been using it for thousands of years, but just shy of one hundred.  Also, American food was devoid of it until after World War II.

Macular Degeneration

New information regarding a gene related to macular degeneration:

The gene is involved in inflammation response. It should be noted that MSG increases inflammation by increasing histamine response.   Note in the news article, that cardiovascular disease is also linked to macular degeneration.  MSG also affects the cardiovascular system because glutamate is a calcium channel opener and affects vascular constriction.

New Data

Since this page was originally published - new data has actually linked MSG in food to damage to the retina:






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