OK, you've convinced me, you say, but what can I eat? 

First the good news:  you'll soon be able to eat wonderful food

Now the bad news:  you'll have to learn how to cook it yourself......

Everyone has individual needs based on their health at any given time.  We do not endorse any particular "diet".  We advise anyone concerned about their diet to visit a licensed nutritionist to get advice on what to eat. For example, Carol is allergic to carrots - so that is a food she avoids - but you don't have to.

We have added a new page of recommended products that we use ourselves, but for a rough idea on where to start when avoiding MSG, here is what many MSG-sensitive folks do well with:

  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables (no seaweed)

  • Juicing organic fruits like carrot and apple and green vegetables (no seaweed)

  • Organic frozen vegetables that do not contain added ingredients

  • Pastured meats - unprocessed 

  • Fresh fish - like trout, salmon, and sole

  • Homemade coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, pecan milk

  • Artisanal Italian/French bread (NO malted barley flour, NO added gluten)

  • olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice as a salad dressing

  • quickly cooked homemade pasta sauces made from fresh vegetables

  • whole organic milk

  • organic grass-fed butter with only cream and salt in it

  • only fresh homemade mozzarella - not aged

  • Italian pasta

  • Olives (read labels)

  • almonds - with nothing added

  • fresh eggs

  • cooking oil - coconut, hazelnut, sunflower, almond, avocado, sesame etc. with nothing added

Learn to add these to your cooking:

fresh ginger


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