MSG and Dizziness

MSG is on the list of foods to avoid for people suffering from diseases of the inner ear, like Meniere's disease which is characterized by balance problems. 

See the link to the The Vestibular Disorders Association which explains these types of diseases:

The special diet which those with Meniere's disease follow is located at the following link:

Note that MSG and caffeine which affect vasoactivity and fluid balance in the body are on the list of foods to avoid.  Unfortunately, salt is the reason given to avoid MSG and not the fact that glutamate is the neurotransmitter which acts on the hair cells of the inner ear.

It should be noted that MSG also affects the formation of taurine in the body.  Taurine is involved in osmoregulation  - or the balance of water in the body.  MSG would affect Meniere's disease on several other levels besides simply being associated with sodium. 


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