New:  YouTube video of Faith">


New:  YouTube video of Faith, a girl who was hospitalized due to A-Fib triggered by MSG reaction.

Taurine is the body's heartbeat regulator.  Deficiency states can be induced by MSG because  glutamate competes in the body with another sulfur-containing amino acid - cysteine.  The body uses cysteine to make taurine - another sulfur-containing amino acid used as a neurotransmitter.   A major complaint of  MSG symptom complex sufferers is irregular, fast heartbeats, -   atrial fibrillation.  The same symptom also occurs from taurine deficiency.   

See the following link for an excellent summary of data about the amino acid taurine:

It is also interesting to note that MSG is a well known to induce epileptic seizures, and taurine is found to be low in individuals with seizures.  See our page on MSG and epilepsy.

Due to the genetic cause of autism being linked to glutamate receptor and transport genes, it now makes sense why some autistic children have atrial fib episodes as well as epilepsy.  In some autistic children, there is an inborn error of metabolism when dealing with sulphur-containing compounds.  Taurine is one of the sulphur-containing  amino acids used as a neurotransmitter. 

It is possible that a child who has a defiency of taurine from this common inborn error of metabolism, would be at risk of both an epileptic seizure, and atrial fibrillation as well as digestive problems due to problems forming bile.  It would be interesting to find out if children with both autism and A-fib (Timothy Syndrome) also suffer epileptic episodes and digestive distress due to taurine deficiency from this same error of metabolism.

It would be interesting to find out if these autistic children or adults with A-Fib but not autism, would be helped by simple supplementation with taurine since the body may have trouble making it.




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