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We don't sell items on this site, however, we are often asked to recommend products or vendors.   We know how difficult it is to find single ingredients for special diets.  As a convenience, we have compiled a list of products and vendors that we use.

We should note that based on the latest science - nutritionists are now recommending limiting carbohydrates for those with heart disease and diabetes as well as obesity. That means avoiding foods like bread and pasta and replacing them with non-starchy vegetables.  I provide links for baking ingredients as a courtesy, but we no longer use wheat products at all.

Specialty supermarkets:

        http://www.fairwaymarket.com/ This one is our absolute favorite in the NY, NJ area.  Less expensive than Whole Foods.
        They carry grass-fed dairy products and an incredible bakery.  Lots of organic items.

http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/  Good organic produce, but expensive.

http://www.traderjoes.com/index.html  Great selection of single ingredient items for folks with allergies. Just read labels - some products made on shared equipment. 

Natural meats raised locally in the San Francisco area:


Grass-fed Bison:


Grass-fed Whole Milk:   



Note: We only recommend pasteurized (not ULTRA-pasteurized) WHOLE milk because ultra-pasteurization creates more free glutamate and most dairies add free-glutamate-containing nonfat dry milk to 1%, 2% and skim milk to boost the protein content.

Grass Fed Cream that has not been Ultra-Pasteurized.

Ultra-pasteurization destroys the thickening quality of cream, so thickeners like MSG-containing carageenan are added to the ultra-pasteurized cream to make it whip. Cream that hasn't been UP doesn't need added ingredients.

Grass-fed Butter:

http://www.kerrygold.com/  (our absolute favorite)


Pastured Eggs: This is one of the best protein sources for anyone on a limited diet.  Eat the yolks too, they are rich in vitamins.


Fresh Seafood and exotic fresh meats:


Fresh Vegetables - All kinds - Organic if possible - (SKIP the prepared Ranch dip - it is loaded with MSG)

Fresh Fruits - All Kinds - Organic if possible - (SKIP the prepared Cream Cheese dip too)

Hard-to-find organic products: 



We should note that based on the latest science - nutritionists are now recommending limiting carbohydrates for those with heart disease and diabetes as well as obesity.  Specialty baking ingredients:    


Arrowhead Mills White Flour - Contains gluten

Wheat flour WITHOUT malted barley flour added to it.


King Arthur Flour - 00 Italian Style Flour. - Contains gluten. 

This is a wheat flour with nearly 1/3 less protein than regular flour.  It is used to make pizza and focaccia bread but you can use it for many other baked goods.  Wheat flours that boast high protein content usually have added malted barley flour - which has 5 times the free glutamate of plain barley flour.  By choosing a more natural - low protein wheat flour like 00, you will more easily avoid free glutamate.

McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal


Gluten free baking ingredients:
We don't recommend mixes since MSG sensitive persons or those with celiac disease often have allergies to other foods found in mixes and baked products. 

Bob's Red Mill - Almond Meal/Flour
Used in gluten-free dairy free recipes instead of non-fat dry milk


Bob's Red Mill - Organic Coconut Flour
Use in gluten-free recipes


Spectrum - Organic Shortening


Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil has a very strong coconut flavor.  It is hard at room temp - so you need to use it in a baked good or something warm. 

Bob's Red Mill - Arrowroot Starch

Used for thickening in gluten free cooking


Bob's Red Mill - Sweet White Sorghum Flour

Used to make gluten-free scones.


Bob's Red Mill - Tapioca Flour

Used to make chewy gluten-free french breads


Bob's Red Mill - Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat is actually related to rhubarb and is gluten-free. 


Bob's Red Mill - Potato Starch Flour
Used to make gluten-free flour mixes.


Bob's Red Mill - Potato Flour
Not to be confused with Potato Starch. This is heavier and is added in small amounts to improve the texture of baked goods.


Gluten-free pastas - they stay al dente

Tinkyada - Spaghetti



Chocolate Items:

Cocoa Nibs
If you can't eat soy or dairy but miss chocolate, we add cocoa nibs to give an intense burst of chocolate flavor to homemade ice cream.  You need to add some sweetener because the nibs can be bitter.  We like to add a little Agave syrup to them and eat them as is. If you are sensitive to tyramine, wine, and bananas, we suggest you skip this item.


Cocoa Powder - If you can't have dairy, but miss hot cocoa, make it with this. Add to hot almond milk or hot rice milk.


Taurine, CoQ10: 
We buy these supplements in powder form - it is much less expensive.


If you buy CoQ10 in gelatin capsules - we recommend biting the capsule and squeezing out the contents into your mouth, and then discarding the capsule in the trash.  Gel capsules contain glutamate.


Camomile tea - Imported from Italy  - Bonomelli- only flower blossoms - no added ingredients. 


Coconut water  - Zico - NOTHING ADDED  Nature's sports drink. 



Tomatoes - Pomi - NOTHING ADDED


Kosher salt - NOTHING ADDED


Olive oil - Colavita - NOTHING ADDED


Tools we have in OUR kitchen:

Real wood cutting boards.  Wood has naturally occurring anti-microbial properties that plastic cutting boards don't have.  A real maple butcherblock counter is also an old fashioned but wonderfully useful item.

Garlic Press - Use real garlic instead of powder, it tastes better. Get the simplest-to-clean one you can find. 

Lemon Juicer - The best way to get pit-free fresh lemon juice in a hurry for any recipe.  We use this nearly every day.


Environmentally friendly parchment paper, cheesecloth, coffee filters, baking cups and cooking twine:
If You Care Brand


Nut Milk and Rice Milk Makers:
Although we do not recommend any soy or soy products, SoyQuick soy milk maker is what we use to make fresh homemade almond milk and rice milks.


Baking, serving and storing cookware - Corning - They look beautiful to cook with as well as to serve and store foods in.  Be careful not to scratch them - do not use steel wool on them - ours have lasted for years.


Non-stick cookwear - ScanPan - Uses Ceramic-Titanium instead of fluoride-containing teflon.  Won't flake or peel.  They can be used with metal utensils too.  We recommend buying them new. Carol loves her crepe pan so much, she bought two!


Stainless steel cookware - Calphalon - The metal handles allow for use in the oven - perfect for making rice pilaf the right way.  Be careful as the handles stay hot for a while.  A little pricey, but worth saving up for.  We use it every day.


Pots we learned to cook with - Revere ware- Still the cheapest way to get started if you've never really cooked before and need to outfit a kitchen in a hurry. You can outfit your kitchen for the same price as one expensive pan.


Pasta machine - Atlas - hand crank type.


Stand mixer - Viking - Has optional attachments for a blender, as well as a juicer, meat grinder, pasta maker, food mill.  It has a very slow first speed and an 800 watt motor which is great for making gluten-free doughs, although we prefer our bread maker for typical wheat bread kneading.  Worth saving up for.  It is great for kneading sweet wheat breads.


Ice Cream maker - Cuisineart 
The cream you use should NOT be Ultra-pasteurized.  Buy only fresh PASTEURIZED cream with NO additives. You can also make sorbets with fresh fruit juices as well as diary-free desserts made from nut milks.  We always keep one bucket in the freezer so it is always ready in the summer.


English muffin rings - Fox Run - to make gluten-free crumpets using the recipe from Bette Hagman's book.  You may want to get a few sets if you bake in bulk and freeze your baked goods.


All purpose sharp knife  - Forschner - for boning chicken and cutting meat, or filleting fish. The sheath protects the blade and can be worn on a belt.  The steel should be used every time the knife is to keep the edge true.


Chopper - we use this to chop nuts or onions in a hurry.  It is great for chopping when you don't want to obliterate the food - you just want it finely chopped  - or if you don't have a food processor.  We love this thing.  It is really sharp but opens completely and you can put the whole thing into the dishwasher.