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Please see this link at the Power Hour for information about the Codex Alimentarius.  The Codex is being promoted by the FTO and WHO to standardize foods and supplements globally.  Visit the Codex Alimentarius official website to see exactly what standards the Codex has in store for YOUR country.   This Codex is planned for mandatory implementation in 2009 in member countries across the globe.  Please read and understand what this may mean for food production and consumer's rights BEFORE it gets implemented.   The sheer number of permitted food additives is actually staggering and the reason we mention the Codex here is because MSG and its equal are allowed in UNLIMITED amounts.  Please speak up if you want a say in what is allowed in your food in the future - no matter where you live. 

US Congressional hearing testimony of Dr. Max Gerson from July 1, 2, 3  in 1946, that the cancer industry actively suppressed.

Northern Valley Suburbanite review of The Beautiful Truth.   Carol Hoernlein, the founder of, appears in the article as well as the film.

The Gerson Institute/Cancer Curing Society
featured in the film "The Beautiful Truth" by Steve Kroschel
The most important link on this entire website.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Dentists who perform mercury-free dentistry.

The Center for Food Safety

The Natural News Network

The True Food Network
How to get involved and stay informed.
Blog on autism, msg, the environment, etc. (not the official Obama website)
The official Obama website - make yourself heard by the new Administration!

Dr. Russel Blaylock's website:
Former Neurosurgeon and MSG/aspartame expert.

MSG Myth
The definitive blog on MSG with searchable archived posts going back 9 years.

Information on Juicing  - Jay Kordich official site:

Our favorite Taurine, CoQ10 and vitamin supplier:

Unusual hard to find health products:

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