Recommended Reading



We only recommend books here that we use ourselves.   As we come across new ones we think are great additions to your reference library and cookbook shelves">

Recommended Reading



We only recommend books here that we use ourselves.   As we come across new ones we think are great additions to your reference library and cookbook shelves, we will add them. 

We do not advise our visitors to follow any particular "diet". Our goal at MSG Truth is to help you AVOID MSG.  This website was designed to raise scientific questions, spur debate among the scientific community, and also help those who have been advised to avoid MSG and aspartame figure out where it is hidden.  We know how difficult it is to avoid in today's supermarket. 

We strongly advise getting nutrition information from a licensed physician or certified nutritionist for your individual needs. The reason is very simple.  Everyone is different. We personally consult with licensed nutrition professionals and physicians for dietary advice and advise our visitors to do the same. Self-diagnosis is NOT recommended. For example - a child with autism may need more red meat based on carnitine deficiency and more carbohydrate, while someone without autism and needing to lose weight might do better with a limited carbohydrate diet. It is so critical to get this right and we can't diagnose you. The science is coming out so quickly now and even the professionals are struggling to stay abreast of all the latest discoveries.

That said, Certified Nutrition Consultant Julie Matthews has a website and book devoted to getting proper nutrition into children with special needs.  Her videos are also interesting.  The link to her website is here:

Research Paper from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia describing the metabolism of glutamate, how it may impact disease and why this topic needs more study: Disorders of Glutamate Metabolism

  US Congressional hearing testimony of Dr. Max Gerson from July 1, 2, 3  in 1946, that the cancer industry actively suppressed regarding dietary means to treat chronic illness and cancer.

 The Discussion Board at MSGMyth is the main one on this topic with 11 years of searchable archived posts on the subject of MSG and an active support group

Our favorite Books:

Pandora's Lunchbox by Melanie Warner. 

Melanie got this story exactly right. An honest portrayal of the food industry. Melanie talked to the insiders and got the real scoop the utter chemical stew that we have all been steeped in since before we were even born. She delved unafraid into the vats and chemical names and processes and actual science behind the ingredients, turned it into a fascinating and easily understandable account of exactly how we arrived where we are at. In doing so Melanie created what I think will become the Silent Spring of the food industry. It is that important a book. If you only read one book about the food industry this is absolutely the one.

Battling the MSG Myth - Debby Anglesey
The Survival Guide and Definitive Recipe Book for MSG avoidance.


Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills  -  Russell Blaylock, MD
A neuroscientist explains how MSG and aspartame affect the brain - a truly groundbreaking book.


Aspartame Disease - An Ignored Epidemic
  - Dr. H.J. Roberts,
The most comprehensive book on Aspartame disease which shares many of the same symptoms as MSG sensitivity, written by a primary care physician who has documented many cases of illness caused by aspartame.   At 1038 pages and 5.2 lbs, it is an amazing and truly groundbreaking book.


Healing the Gerson Way - Charlotte Gerson
A method of eating to avoid the additives in most modern foods as a means to regain health and fight chronic disease.  A strict guide to eating chemical free while getting proper nutrition.   This is an incredibly important book if you or someone you love is suffering from cancer.


 Power of Juicing - Jay Kordich
Jay "The Juiceman's" latest book on juicing.


The Slow Poisoning of America by John and Michelle Erb


Report to the World Health Organization by John Erb

Testimony before the Canadian Senate Autism Committee by John Erb

Poisons In Your Food - Ruth Winter, MS
Food safety and how you can take control of it.


Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives - Ruth Winter, MS
Find out what you've really been eating.


Food Politics - Marion Nestle
Find out exactly how the food industry is connected to the Government agencies that regulate it.


What To Eat - Marion Nestle
A patient guide through your supermarket aisles.


Our Stolen Future - Theo Colborn
Endocrine Disruptors and why you should care about the pesticides in your food.


The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
The novel about an immigrant family in Chicago's meatpacking district that caused the creation of the FDA. 


Dinner at the New Gene Cafe - Bill Lambrecht
How genetic engineering is changing everything we know.


Lords of the Harvest - Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food - Daniel Charles
How Monsanto created a virtual monopoly in agriculture.


Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser
Much better than the movie!



You won't feel as deprived of tasty foods if you learn how to cook. 
To help you, we have listed the books in OUR kitchen:

Battling the MSG Myth - Debby Anglesey
The Survival Guide and Definitive Recipe Book for MSG avoidance.


The Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking - Edited by Charlotte Turgeon
Our favorite general cookbook.

 The Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking 

The Larousse Gastronomique - published in English and French
THE definitive culinary encyclopedia.  If you need to know ANYTHING about food, you can look it up in here.  An amazing resource for every aspiring chef. 


 I'm Just Here for the Food - Alton Brown
A great cookbook if you're curious about the science behind cooking and you love Alton's fun way of looking at food.


 Real Kitchen - Tyler Florence
Tyler Florence is one of our favorite Food Network chefs. His direct approach - that it's really all about the food - is a refreshing one.


 The Silver Spoon - Phaidon Press
The Bible of Italian Cooking.  Avoid parmesan cheese and slow cooked meats and you'll be fine.  Fantastic recipes for vegetables. This book assumes you already know how to cook - an incredible number of recipes in one book. In Italy this book is often given as a wedding gift and was only recently translated into English from the Italian.


Gelato - Pamela Sheldon Johns
Recipes for Ice creams, Sorbetti and Granite


Lidia's Family Table - Lidia Matticchio Bastianich
Our favorite Italian chef makes hearty every day recipes.  We recommend you leave out the parmesan cheese - otherwise enjoy the simple fresh ingredients.


 Marcella Cucina - Marcella Hazan
Our other favorite Italian chef - Marcella Hazan - shares her authentic recipes.


Lorenza's Antipasti - Lorenza De'Medici
An in depth look at the Italian traditions of antipasti with history to go with the recipes. Again - avoid the Parmesan and aged cheeses but there are lots of ideas here for entertaining.

The Joy of Cooking
- Irma Rombauer
This is the book that is the most beat up in our kitchen.  We need to get a new copy every few years because we use it THAT MUCH.  For decades it has been the favorite American all-purpose cookbook that many of our moms learned to cook from.  This version is the one that has been updated in 1997.  It gives new cooks detailed cooking techniques and explanations. 


 All About Breakfast and Brunch - Irma Rombauer
The same folks from Joy of Cooking share great recipes and ideas for breakfast and brunch.  Another book we love even just looking through. 


The Best Recipe - Cook's Illustrated Magazine
These recipes were tested and tested and tested again by the folks at Cook's Illustrated.  Avoid the recipes with soy sauce or parmesan cheese - and make your own soup stocks. But a great general recipe book for the classic recipes.  Recipes are explained and taught like on their TV show.

The Soprano's Family Cookbook - Allen Rucker
Italian-American recipes from Northern NJ and NY.  These are the recipes that were adapted to the US from Italian American immigrants from the Naples area of Italy.


King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion
The definitive cookbook for bakers.  Excellent explanations of WHY as well as HOW to bake.  Nutrition information is given for every recipe from calories to vitamins.


 The Art of the Cake - Bruce Healey and Paul Bugat
A comprehensive cookbook for the exquisite art of dessert baking the French way.  If you can't afford culinary school, this is a wonderful book to learn from.  We even just like looking at the gorgeous photography in this book. 


 The 50 Best Biscotti Recipes - Barbara Karoff
A tiny book that will save you a lot of money.  Baking your own biscotti is so much more fun and better for you than paying a lot of money for bakery ones or "gourmet" cookies at a coffee chain.  We adapt these recipes often using gluten-free flour in place of wheat flour.


 King Arthur Flour - Cookie Companion
If there is a cookie recipe you can't find - bet it's in here!  Most of us need to do our own baking because of the need to avoid malted barley flour.  The best thing about making baked goods yourself is that you don't need to put additives and preservatives in them.  You can also learn to adapt the recipes to avoid allergens or gluten and dairy.  Cookies should be a treat - it's true, but it's fun to make them yourself for special occasions.


 The Classic Pasta Cookbook - Giuliano Hazan
Wonderful simple recipes if you love homemade pasta.  We recommend avoiding the Parmesan, but the recipes give wonderful advice on pairing homemade fresh pasta with the perfect homemade sauce.


 Every Night Italian - Giuliano Hazan
120 Simple Italian recipes that take less than 45 minutes to prepare.


 Simply Tuscan - Pino Luongo
Another Italian cookbook  - this one focuses on Tuscany and the food available in each of the seasons.  Again, we recommend avoiding the Parmesan cheese or other aged cheeses if you have trouble with MSG and focus on the fresh vegetables and fresh flavors.


 Classic Indian Cooking - Julie Sahni
Our favorite cookbook on the cuisine of India.  Read all about the cuisine of different regions of India, as well as the art and complexity of using Indian spices. 


 Thai Food - David Thompson
An excellent resource for Thai recipes.  We recommend you avoid the fermented fish sauce when you make the recipes, but the combination of fresh vegetables, coconut milk, spices, lime, basil and lemongrass in Thai cuisine can be heavenly.


365 Ways to Cook Chicken - Cheryl Sedaker
An amazing number of recipes for chicken - many are perfect for a new cook to learn with.  It is our favorite chicken recipe book.  Make sure that the chicken you purchase is not "self-basting"  since that often means it may contain MSG.  Look for free range chickens raised humanely and not treated with antibiotics or hormones.  It matters.


 The Well-Filled Tortilla - Victoria Wise and Susanna Hoffman
Over 200 recipes including ones for making your own tortillas.  Some MSG sensitive folks can be sensitive to corn, but the real value of this book is in the creativity of the wraps and the fillings.


Edible Pockets for Every Meal - Donna Rathmell German
Recipes for empanadas, quesadillas, knishes, piroshki, etc.  for party snacks or lunches.


Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD
Old Fashioned recipes to make your own pickles, saur kraut and other fermented foods.


Gluten-Free Cookbooks

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread - Bette Hagman
Learn how to make wheat free bread.  To avoid non-fat dry milk in any recipes, which is bad for MSG sensitive folks, use almond meal as a direct substitute.


More From The Gluten-Free Gourmet - Bette Hagman
Learn how to make the other wheat free foods you really miss.


The Allergy Self Help Cookbook - Marjorie Hurt Jones, R.N.
Recipes without Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Corn, Yeast, Sugar and other food allergens


Allergy Cooking With Ease - Nicolette M. Dumke
Recipes without wheat, Milk, Eggs, Corn, Soy, Yeast, Sugar, Grain, Gluten

Food Allergy Cookbook - Marilyn Gionnini
Recipes without Wheat, Dairy, Sugar, Eggs, Corn


Elegant Dairy-Free Entertaining - Patricia Morales Fine, MD
A dessert recipe book for the dairy-challenged.


Vice Cream - Jeff Rogers
You can make ice cream without milk - here's how.

The new Kindle 2 Reader is out, we will be updating the site to let you know what is available on kindle.


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